About us

We bring the best of Argentine Fresh meat
to the global pet food industry.

Combining advanced technologies with the most sought-after raw material in the world to create unique products for the pet market.

Marini & Cía has the heart of a family business with the focus and capabilities of a seasoned multinational that exports local industry products to proven and emerging markets, with strong demand around the world. We yield exception results and have experience working with small, medium, and large organizations!

About us

Advanced technology in the pet food industry

Fresh Argentine beef, bovine and pork meat are considered to be some of the best raw materials in the world for the production of nutritious pet food products. As the main source of protein in our scientific formulas, we have developed and employed the use of cutting-edge technologies to achieve a product with extraordinary quality, flavor and balance.


Large storage capacity for fresh meat in the manufacturing plant’s own cold stores


More than 50 matrices in our original equipments to achieve various shapes in Pet Treats.


ISO 22,000 certification that guarantees continuous improvements in food safety and production efficiency.

Our Services

Our Prestigious and recognized extrusion process.

We own and regularly service five extruders, which allow us to develop different products, both filled and co-extruded. In addition, our state-of-the-art packaging system automates the process and provides the best conservation and final presentation that all consumers deserve.

Private Label by Marini & Cía

Although we have our own brands, we believe that the quality of our products should be part of the commercial projects of other producers around the world.

Argentine meat is one of the most sought after raw ingredients in the pet food marketplace and we have decided to offer it to help develop other brands that want to boost their production with a unique and invaluable differential.


We get to know your project, define or incorporate your brand and explore the market in which you want to enter.


We analyze your needs for product specifications and quantities, according to the market needs of your project. We offer a product mix that adapts to your requirements.


We make the product line of your dreams become reality in our own facilities, while staying tuned with your brand’s identity and respecting the scope of your project.

We guarantee your customers the highest quality standards and the most sought-after raw material in the world, Argentine meat


Know our

Throughout more than 40 years of experience in the market, we have developed our own brands with different identities and product profiles.


Fun snacks based on fresh Argentine meat in different presentations and flavors.


Our star brand of healthy food, dental care and pet treats inspired by the pet friendly community.


Our exclusive line of one ingredient and natural pet treats with high demand on the US market.

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